Consumer Advisory Against Free Cell Phone Provider Access Wireless

Open Access Connections would like to inform the public of a poor customer service incident regarding the free cell phone Lifeline provider Access Wireless.  Recently an Access Wireless customer was given a non-operational cell phone with a non-local Arizona area code.  When the customer called customer service to have these issues resolved, he was on hold for as long as three hours.  Open Access Connections has confirmed the long wait times for customer service, and are working with the customer to file a complaint against Access Wireless with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

Until these issues are resolved, we recommend agencies not to refer clients to Access Wireless.  You can learn about other free cell phone providers at our Lifeline page.

Open Access Connections is also interested in other problems that customers may have had with Access Wireless.  If you are aware of any other incidents please contact Executive Director Mark Erpelding at 651-621-2494 or   We will work with Access Wireless clients in forwarding their complaints to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.