How is our voicemail helpful to you?

Recently, Open Access Connections sent out a broadcast message asking individuals on our community voicemail to share how having a voicemail number has been a useful communication tool. Here is a response from a Cheryl Kenney who relies on her voicemail for basic communication:


“Yes, hello I would like to say that I’ve benefited greatly from this service-this voicemail. And it has helped to stay in touch with people in emergency situations and with family and friends and it has helped me in obtaining employment. It has helped me in keeping track of appointments and many different things. And I really do appreciate this. I have a cell phone, but I have a limited number of minutes per month and I have to share this phone with another person. So having a place where people can just leave me a message to get in touch with me and to let me know of things that are important that are coming up is very useful to me. And I’d like to see this program continue. I’m sure it helps a lot of other people the way it has helped me. And I thank you for your time. Have a good day.”

You can listen to Cheryl’s response here:


If you would like to tell us how our voicemail services have been helpful to you, you may call us at 651.643.0883.