Media coverage of Open Access funding crisis

Since Open Access Connections learned about our state government funding cut, we received media coverage that allowed us to tell our story. Below are links to some of the media stories. They describe the impact of recent funding cuts and the importance of our voice mail services for almost 5000 people annually, and our efforts to seek alternative funding so we can continue to provide our voice mail services, cell phone services, internet access program development,  advocacy and community organizing. Here are the links to some of those media stories:

Southside Pride article

Insight radio show on KFAN, Cities97, KDWB, KOOL108, KFXN, and K102

Twin Cities Daily Planet

Minnesota Public Radio news

Access Press

Truth to Tell radio show on KFAI

Blandin on Broadband

Chronicle of Philanthropy

We were also on the KFAI Weekly News show but do not have a link to the show.