MFIP Increase: Response #1

Open Access Connections recently sent our a broadcast message to all of our community voice mail users across the state inquiring as to how $100 increase to MFIP would help their family. Sharon Neal was the first to respond to our broadcast. Click here to listen to her response.

Hi this is Sharon Neal. I would like to respond about the ‘what would $100 more mean to me’.  It would mean a lot! I would be able to pay all of my bills if I get $100 increase. Now with the bills being the way that they are and what I get for MFIP, I’m like a bill short. $100 would mean a lot. You can even use my name, Sharon Neal. If you want my address, just call me. I appreciate you all going to the capital giving your speech because Minnesota has not had a[n] [MFIP] increase in years so I do think $100 would mean a lot to a lot of people. Okay thank you. ”

Are you on MFIP? What would $100 more per month mean for your family? Open Access Connections, the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless and other organizations are advocating for a cash grant increase for MFIP families at the Capitol this year.
We’d love to hear your story!

Please share your thoughts how increasing MFIP will help your family. You can contact us at 651-643-0883. By sharing your story with us, you give permission to Open Access Connections, the MN Coalition for the Homeless and Prosperity for All campaign to share your experience with community stakeholders and state legislators. If you wish to remain anonymous, you do not have to share your name.

Have a great day.