Advocacy: Supporting and Promoting Our Mission

Open Access Connections’ mission is to facilitate communications services that encourage self-determination and stronger community connections for people in need. We seek to be more than just a service provider and be an advocate, helping people solve their problems. We encourage our staff, agency partners, volunteers and others to join us as we work for lasting, positive changes in society.

Together with state elected officials and other non-profit organizations, we advocate for the needs of people struggling with poverty and homelessness. Recently, we have been working on issues such as:

  • Ensuring Internet access for homeless people
  • Minimizing the impact of budget cuts on medical care for Minnesotans at risk
  • Getting more assistance for people applying for Social Security and disability benefits
  • Ensuring that low income Minnesotans are able to use the Lifeline program and Universal Service Funds to access free cell phones

Please join us. For more information about volunteering or advocacy, please contact Ed Petsche, Community Organizer/Community Outreach Specialist, at 651-643-0883.