Listen Up: Broadcast Messages

When a beneficial new opportunity comes up, Open Access Connections staff members communicate a broadcast message on the voice mail system that all participants may choose to hear. We carefully select the most valuable messages. For example:

We know you don’t have all day to use the phone, so we keep these messages very brief, plus you have the option to skip them right away. You can also reply to broadcast messages if you have feedback for us.

Listen for helpful broadcast messages about two or three times each month. And from time to time, we also include “Get Inspired” messages – moving quotes from voice mail participants as well as great thinkers and leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Most Recent Broadcast

“GREAT TOOLS TO KEEP IN TOUCH” – Open Access voice mail & Lifeline cell phones

Listen to broadcast with player below or Download Here

A voice mail participant tells us why having both a Lifeline cell phone and an Open Access Voice mail number is the best way to go to meet his communications needs.