Our office is open between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

We currently have cell phones available. Come see us during walk-in hours Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 12:00-2:00, or call us at (651)643-0883 to schedule an appointment!!

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Open Access Connections provides essential communications resources and civic engagement opportunities to homeless and low-income Minnesotans to encourage self-determination, enhance dignity and provide people with independence.

Community Voicemail

We offer free voicemail services which enables our clients to access housing, employment, healthcare, safety resources, and more. We partner with over 300 community organizations across Minnesota to distribute these essential voicemail services.

Grassroots Outreach

We’re an official partner and consumer advocate for the federal Lifeline cell phone program, which provides subsidized smartphones and a free monthly plan to eligible participants.

Generation 50+ Group

Our Generation 50+ Group is led by its members, who set the agenda, engage in civic advocacy programs, and serve as important links for one another to housing, healthcare services, community-building, and other supports.